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Before we begin..

Brewers Cabinet - Square LogoWell here we go, the first blog from the brewer’s at The Brewer’s Cabinet!

There are two of us brewing at the BC, I’m David Duffy and my brewing partner in crime is the infamous Justin Sibley. You might have heard of our home brewing team Tidepool Brewing Co. from the various charity events and contests we’ve been involved with over the last several years. Well apparently we’ve made an impression with the beers we have produced because a few of Reno’s finest business men have given us an amazing opportunity to become “big kid” brewers and soon we’ll be releasing our hand crafted creations onto the beer loving general public of the amazing city of Reno.

If you know either of us you know that we are both ridiculously passionate about beer and brewing and it’s this level of passion we are bringing with us in our newest adventure at The Brewer’s Cabinet. Now we aren’t known for producing fizzy yellow light lagers. We plan on bringing you beers that have flavor, aroma and soul and a crazy amount of all 3!

So this is basically an introduction of many more blogs to come. We plan on keeping our friends and fans updated on all the action and tomfoolery that will be happening in the brewery at BC. So please stay tuned, we cannot wait to get this party started and see all of your smiling faces at The Brewer’s Cabinet very soon!