Did someone ask for a Double IPA?!?

The big day finally came! On Tuesday we brewed our first batch of beer on our 3bbl system! It’s a Double IPA and it’s happily fermenting away as I type this.

This was a huge day for the entire BC team. It marks a milestone for us (Justin and I) as now officially being professional brewers but more importantly it’s a milestone for the BC team. So many people put in so much time and effort to get the BC where it is right now. The restaurant, pub and patio look amazing, the chef and his team are knocking out some truly fantastic food, the bartenders/servers/hostess are top notch and always give outstanding customer service and now we have our very own small batch Nano Brewery to top it all off!

On top of thanking the team at BC for helping with all that they do, I wanted to give a special thanks to Rob and Dave over at Premier for coming down and brewing our first batch with us. With their insight, our over the top Double IPA brew day went off without a hitch.

We have two more batches lined up to brew this week, which means in approximately 3-4 weeks we will have all of these beers ready to pour, plus a few special test batches to try as well.

So until next time BC friends and family, be safe and thank you again for welcoming our new establishment with open arms. We truly appreciate it….Cheers.