Thank You Silver Peak, Great Basin and Brew Brothers!

The Brewer’s Cabinet would like to thank Great Basin Brewery for clearing the path in Nevada for Breweries, they got the whole thing started! We would also like to thank Silver Peak Brewery and Brew Brothers for helping pave that path for the next generation of Breweries to come.

Special thanks to Jazz and Ryan at Great Basin, Greg and Aaron at Brew Brothers, and Trent at Silver Peak for taking our phone calls, meeting with us, and taking the time to talk during our licensing and build out. Your advice was invaluable to us! Thank you for donating beer to our Opening Weekend and Charity events. It would have been very easy for these guys to blow us off and not help new competition in the area. But they didn’t, they have all been there for us from day 1.

We are humbled by these fellow Reno Businesses and we hope to live up to the standards they have set for this town.

Thanks again to Silver Peak, Great Basin, and Brew Brothers!