Connartist Cherry Stout

  • Style: Stout
  • ABV: 7%
  • IBU: 37.1

Here is a batch of stout full of rich chocolate and decadent sweet cherries. We brewed this beer with only real chocolate, whole cherries and a fine selection of malts to complement. The chocolate comes through in the aroma, and follows into your first sip. The cherries highlight the middle and finish of this beer. Lovely brew for these cold winter days.

Festival Saison

  • Style: Spiced Saison
  • ABV: 6.6
  • IBU: 11.4

Celebrating the passing of the old year into the new, we proudly bring you our Festival Saison. This beer was brewed with an array of spices including ginger, star anise, cardamon, and coriander. These bold flavors were carefully balanced with our saison yeast to bring you a very complex beer. Each one of the spices are discernible and easy to pick out, but not overpowering. Enjoy this with some of our amazing comfort food in the winter months at The Brewer’s Cabinet.

Dirty Laundry

  • Style: Dark Wit
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: 14.1

We decided to go against the grain, or maybe better put, against the yeast on this beer. We took a Belgian wit yeast, and used a dark grain bill with it to create a beautiful oxymoron we call Dirty laundry. This wheat based beer has a some roasted and chocolate notes that are subtle enough not to clash with the yeast forward flavors of this beer. This also brought out some interesting spice qualities in the yeast, and many have mistakenly told us that they thought this beer had spices added. It makes a nice smooth beer that is still dark, but very drinkable for those who are into wheat style beers. A perfect addition to our winter line up.

(cask)Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

Hey there BC friends, this is B master D coming to you live from a blog post…? Well never mind that. I’m here today to tell you about a really exciting event we recently had over here at the Brewers Cabinet. Many moons ago prior to the BC opening we participated in the Taste of Jazz event hosted by the awesome charity the C.A.R.E Chest of Sierra Nevada. We donated a “Brew Day Package” as one of the silent auction items. The winner of that package was a gentleman by the name of Greg Wilkin.

Once the brewery opened and things got settled we reached out to Greg and asked him what kind of beer he’s like to brew. Being a fan of gin, Greg came up with the idea of adding juniper berries to a beer. Now this was an awesome idea, we here at the BC love to add new and unusual ingredients into our beers and juniper berries in a pale ale sounded like a prefect combination.

So on November 16th Greg and a friend met us in the brewery and became the first people to do a collaboration beer with us. We brewed the base Pale Ale recipe first and decided as a group to “dry hop” with the juniper berries after some fermentation had occurred so to not overpower the Pale Ale.

So we let the yeast handle some business, let the juniper berries marinate in Greg’s tasty brew and then on Wednesday, December 12th Greg and Brew Master Justin tapped and released onto the craft beers fan of Reno, Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

What Greg helped create is a 6.5% abv Pale Ale with a nice hint of juniper that builds on your palate as you continue through your pint. It’s a beer that we and Greg are both very proud of.

Fair warning, this beer won’t last long. So while you’re out picking up those last minute gifts for friends and family, swing by the BC and have a pint (or two) of Greg’s Juniper Pale Ale.

With that we here at the BC hope that all of you out there have a safe and happy holiday season!

-David Duffy Co-Brew Master

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner

Looking for something awesome and delicious and exclusive and exciting to do for New Year’s Eve? Well let us cordially invite you to the dinner of your dreams… This 4-course masterpiece set menu was designed for this one, special event… so get your reservations in asap because space is EXTREMELY limited.

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner

Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale

  • Style: Pale Ale with Juniper berries
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • IBU: 37.2

Greg Wilkin’s, winner of a silent auction to benefit the C*A*R*E* Chest of Sierra Nevada, came over to brew this beer with us. We let him decided on what style of beer and any interesting ingredients he wanted to go with. As a connoisseur of gin, and a pale ale drinker, he wanted to merge those two elements into this brew. We proudly present to you our first collaboration beer, Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale. This beer is a great session beer coming in at 6.3%, it has a great hop profile that balances well with the juniper berries. The aroma that carries over from the juniper berries is unmistakable, and adds freshness not found in other pale ales. This is a great beer for a gin drinker and beer drinker alike, and most importantly was brewed for a good cause.

(cask)Basilico Pepe

  • Style: Saison with basil and peppercorn
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • IBU: 18.1

Funky, fresh, hearty, with a spice bite. This truely blends the world of beer and food together. We are always experementing with different ingredients over here at The Brewer’s Cabinet, and this beer is no exeption. Fresh basil and Peppercorns were used in the making of this beer, and both are the highlight of its flavor and aroma profile. Upfront, it has a nice fragrance of basil that carries into the first sip. The peppercorns start to emerge just before the finish and have a nice lingering spiciness after you take each drink. All of this is balanced and put together with our saison yeast.