(cask)Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

Hey there BC friends, this is B master D coming to you live from a blog post…? Well never mind that. I’m here today to tell you about a really exciting event we recently had over here at the Brewers Cabinet. Many moons ago prior to the BC opening we participated in the Taste of Jazz event hosted by the awesome charity the C.A.R.E Chest of Sierra Nevada. We donated a “Brew Day Package” as one of the silent auction items. The winner of that package was a gentleman by the name of Greg Wilkin.

Once the brewery opened and things got settled we reached out to Greg and asked him what kind of beer he’s like to brew. Being a fan of gin, Greg came up with the idea of adding juniper berries to a beer. Now this was an awesome idea, we here at the BC love to add new and unusual ingredients into our beers and juniper berries in a pale ale sounded like a prefect combination.

So on November 16th Greg and a friend met us in the brewery and became the first people to do a collaboration beer with us. We brewed the base Pale Ale recipe first and decided as a group to “dry hop” with the juniper berries after some fermentation had occurred so to not overpower the Pale Ale.

So we let the yeast handle some business, let the juniper berries marinate in Greg’s tasty brew and then on Wednesday, December 12th Greg and Brew Master Justin tapped and released onto the craft beers fan of Reno, Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

What Greg helped create is a 6.5% abv Pale Ale with a nice hint of juniper that builds on your palate as you continue through your pint. It’s a beer that we and Greg are both very proud of.

Fair warning, this beer won’t last long. So while you’re out picking up those last minute gifts for friends and family, swing by the BC and have a pint (or two) of Greg’s Juniper Pale Ale.

With that we here at the BC hope that all of you out there have a safe and happy holiday season!

-David Duffy Co-Brew Master