Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale

  • Style: Pale Ale with Juniper berries
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • IBU: 37.2

Greg Wilkin’s, winner of a silent auction to benefit the C*A*R*E* Chest of Sierra Nevada, came over to brew this beer with us. We let him decided on what style of beer and any interesting ingredients he wanted to go with. As a connoisseur of gin, and a pale ale drinker, he wanted to merge those two elements into this brew. We proudly present to you our first collaboration beer, Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale. This beer is a great session beer coming in at 6.3%, it has a great hop profile that balances well with the juniper berries. The aroma that carries over from the juniper berries is unmistakable, and adds freshness not found in other pale ales. This is a great beer for a gin drinker and beer drinker alike, and most importantly was brewed for a good cause.