Tig Ole Bitters

  • Style: English ESB
  • ABV: 6.6%
  • IBU: 33.2

We brewed this beer in Memory of Max Lucero, who was our Deschutes Rep for the Reno area, and unfortunately passed away. We collaborated Southwest Sales Zone Representatives from Deschutes Brewery to make this beer. Max always thought “Tig Ole Bitters” would be a great name for a English Bitters. So we decided to make a ESB that we feel would make Max proud. After an awesome brew day with the guys from Deschutes and much anticipated fermentation we bring you “Tig Ole Bitters”. It has a nice fruity bouquet from the english yeast that transitions, into the strong malt back bone of this beer. Its a very full bodied beer that is complemented by a ABV at the top of the range for its style. It finish with a nice earthy english hop bitterness that isn’t too overbearing. Cheers Max!

Valentine’s Day 2013

Limited engagement! Book today @ 775-240-5440

Limited engagement! Book today @ 775-240-5440

Twenty One

  • Style: West Coast Imperial IPA
  • ABV: 8.9%
  • IBU: 105.5

The 21st amendment, 21 years of age, and our 21st beer release are all milestones. With this release we showcase our best work yet, with one of our favorite styles. We pulled out all the strings on this beer, scrounged high and low to find some of the rare and coveted amarillo hops and paired them with the excellent northwest blend of bittering hops that is falconers flight. As the 21st amendment abolished prohibition, and your 21st year granted you access to these libations. Our 21st beer will raise your expectations and standards for what is craft beer.