Stranded Amber Ale

Stranded amber is a unfiltered amber that has been dry hopped with simcoe hops , it has a pleasant floral aroma of citrus and some slight pine notes , it finishes sweet and is perfect for a nice spring day .
We recommend pairing it with either are bc dry rubbed wings, pan roasted salmon or if you feel like something lighter the roasted beet salad, to satisfy that sweet tooth , try pairing a stranded amber ale with one of our amazing mini upside down pineapple cakes!
Brewing assistance by Steve Herberger ( bartender at bc)

Summer wheat

Happy happy yeast!!!

Happy happy yeast!!!

Are summer wheat beer just hit the fermenter on Monday and should be making its way on draft in early may! Look out for special fruit varieties of this and a special cask tapping to release this light refreshing beer!!!

Brown Recluse

Pours a deep dark brown with flavors of caramel , toffee and cinnamon. It has a very pleasant nose with aromas of plum, raisin , toffee and noble hops

  • ABV 5.4%
  • O.G. 1.052
  • T.G. 1.011
  • IBU 22
Food pairings
BC dry rubbed wings
BC duck salad
BC burger
BC porcini a crusted ny steak
BC pretzel bread pudding