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Beer Pairing Dinner – June 19

Coming JUNE 19, 2013… We at Brewer’s Cabinet have teamed up with Sierra Nevada Brewery to offer this incredible dinner event, the third in our Beer Pairing Dinner series. These dinners have truly been the highlights of our time open.. fro…m the awesome menu, to the flawless service, these dinners are always fun, laid back and memorable. Don’t miss this!

As usual, we are only selling 40 tickets for this event, so get yours quickly because they go fast!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Any reservations made in MAY will receive the discounted ticket price of $55.

June 19, 7pm. $65/person.

BY RESERVATION ONLY: 775-240-5440 or

Sierra Nevada Brewery - Beer Dinner Menu

Perro Rojo

Perro Rojo a raspberry Belgian dubbel, 7.1  ABV 14 oz , $6

Belgian dubbel fermented with fresh local raspberries , it pairs nicely with the lamb burger and BC salad.

Upcoming beers

Hey guys! Just got a break from the brewery so I can update you on what’s going on . This week will see the return of the bc dimwit, our summer Belgian white ale . Also by popular demand “berry white” is also making a return . This is our strawberry Belgian white ale . Upcoming beers that will be releases this month also include “Tahoe beer” out summer kolsch , as well as our American pale wheat hybrid ale,brewed exclusively with Amarillo hops. Hope too see you guys down at the brewery ! Cheers. Charlie

Papaya IPA

Papaya IPA is the Apparition IPA, but also fermented with papaya.

It is a bit less in alcohol at 6.8%, but has an amazing blend of hops and subtle papaya fruit flavors on the nose.

Apparition IPA

Apparition IPA (thanks for the name Abby) is a traditional West Coast Style IPA, brewed with 2-row barley, wheat and other assorted specialty malts.

Hops include Citra, Simcoe  Amarillo and Falconers Flight.

Apparition IPA is 7% ABV and 85 IBU, served in a 16oz glass for $6.

This beer pairs great with the dry rubbed wings, tots and all of our BC burgers and sandwiches.

Dimwit BC Summer Wit

Dimwit BC Summer Wit

Dimwit BC Summer WitDimwit, the Brewer’s Cabinet Summer Wit is a refreshing light wheat beer brewed with wit yeast, orange and coriander. With subtle notes of banana on the nose, this refreshing beer is 4.9 ABV.

It pairs excellently with our shrimp ceviche, watermelon salad, deep fried turkey sub and fish and chip burger. Come relax in the sun on our patio at the Brewer’s Cabinet with a Dimwit BC Summer Wit bier.

Coconutty Brown

The Coconutty Brown is a dry spiced version of the Brown Recluse

Spiced with 1 1/2 lbs of fresh toasted coconut.

Very limited, only 5 gallons currently available

5.6 ABV