Apparition Double IPA

A well balanced beer where malt meets hops, brewed with simcoe, Amarillo, citra and cascade hops. Very citrusy and Piney. Enjoy!

9.2 ABV, 14oz pour for $7

1982 Sour Ale

1982 Sour Ale is a sour blonde Lambic aged with cantaloupe in Cabernet barrels. A hazy golden yellow to mild orange color, the beer is tart with cherry like flavors and finishes with a semisweet cantaloupe aroma. 4.0%ABV

Royal Tea – Milk Chai Porter

5.7 ABV, 14oz pour for $6

Tahoe Amber Ale

Tahoe Amber Ale is a beer that was created with adventure in mind, making it a great tag-along beverage on your favorite excursion. It is our most approachable brew, a favorite among seasoned beer drinkers and newcomers alike. With medium carbonation and a slightly sweet toffee-caramel finish, it will hit the spot no matter where your day may take you.

  • Aroma: Fairly high hop aroma from cascade and willamette hops. Moderately high caramel maltiness. And has some of the same characteristics of a American Pale Ale.
  • Appearance: Light copper to brown. large off -white head with good retention even though this beer is hoppy you won’t be able to tell because of the beer is filtered.
  • Flavor: Strong malt flavors and show an initial malty sweetness with high American hop bitterness. Followed by a noticeable caramel/crystal malt flavor. The malt and hop flavors are balanced and mutually supportive. Fruity and esters with low diacetyl.
  • Mouthfeel: High and full body. Moderate carbonation with a warmth of alcohol and high hopping rates. Overall smooth finish without astringency.
  • Overall: This American Amber ale is wonderful! Like the American Pale Ale with more body, more caramel richness, and balance more towards malt than hops. I really enjoy how the caramel and sweet malty flavors balance out with the carbonation and hops.
  • History: Known as a Red Ale in some regions, and a spin off of the American Pale Ale in the states. These beers were popularized in Northern California and pacific northwest areas before going world wide.
  • Food Pairing: The American Amber ale complements the flavor in comfort foods such as Pepperoni pizza, Macaroni and cheese or Philly cheese sandwich with fried onion rings.The Maltiness in the beer is refreshing and cleansing after taking a bit of some of there’s rich foods. Here are a couple other examples of complementing foods. Cheeseburgers, Tuna Melts, Chicken pot Pie, Street Tacos, and Pie’s.

6.4 ABV, 16oz for $5

Read more about Tahoe Beer and its origins



Pumpkin King – Nitro Pumpkin Pale Ale

Pumpkin King – Nitro Pumpkin Pale Ale is a 6.2 ABV seasonal draft- 14oz for $6

Hop eNVy

Hop eNVy – Wet Hop Red Ale is a 7% ABV fun ride- 16oz for $6

Coco Jones – Brown Porter

Coco Jones – Brown Porter is dry spiced with toasted coconut Bolivian Caconibs & Tahitian Vanilla.

A delightful 6.1 ABV served in a 10oz glass for $6.