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  • December 05, 2014 - Bretteweizen Sour Ale4.9

    Bretteweizen Sour Ale is 4.9% alcohol and was brewed with malted wheat and barley. The initial fermentation was done with a House S. Cerevisiae strain, and then it was moved to barrel aging and had Brettanomyces Lambicus; this is a wild yeast strain isolated from Belgian Lambic beers. It produces a pie cherry-like flavor and…Continue reading

    November 24, 2014 - Dirty Snout Stout9.8

    Dirty Snout Stout

    We are excited to announce that we have brewed our Final Chef Series beer for the year! We had the privilege of brewing a White Truffle Imperial Stout with Mark Lund, Executive Chef at the Peppermill. Chef Mark pre-roasted some grain at the Peppermill and then spent the day with our very own Charlie Johnson…Continue reading

    November 24, 2014 - NVUS Bourbon Barrel Aged12.0

    NVUS Bourbon Barrel Aged

    The Brewer’s Cabinet Collaboration Beer with Silverpeak The base beer is a Russian imperial stout brewed with local honey , and is our collaboration beer with Silverpeak Brewery. It was aged for 10 months in the Wild Turkey barrel The barrel imparts notes of Vanilla, oak, vanillin and bourbon, blends very nicely with the Russian…Continue reading

    November 17, 2014 - Lightning Kick6.2

    Lightning Kick is an exceptional Wheat IPA. At 6.2% ABV, this golden yellow beer has the perfect blend of premium American wheat and barley to balance out the exclusive Amarillo hop addition. The light crystal malt bill allows the hops to shine through, creating notes of pine and apricot.

    November 12, 2014 - Sonic Boom IPA5.8

    Sonic Boom is a smash IPA, single malt and single hop with Centennial Hops and 2 row malt. Has a light citrus, peach, and pine after notes. 5.8% ABV

    November 12, 2014 - Wookie Punk9.0

    Take our Dirty Wookie Brown Ale and add some pumpkin spice to it!  Great fall seasonal. 9% ABV

    November 12, 2014 - Headless Horseman6.5

    Headless Horseman is Half Cabernet barrel aged pumpkin king and half bourbon barrel aged NVUS. The Pumpkin king was soured using house strains and the NVUS, a collaboration Russian imperial stout with Silver Peak,  was aged for 9 months in a wild turkey barrel and blended in with the sour pumpkin beer. This beer pours a…Continue reading

    November 12, 2014 - Royal Tea5.4

    Royal Tea is an American Brown Porter brewed with Lactose, Noble Hops and a house Chai Spice Blend. The Brown Porter has a nice chocolate/ roast backbone that balances nicely with the earthy noble hops and chai spices. The lactose balances the spice notes with a small amount of sweetness. and a velvety mouth feel. Poured…Continue reading

    October 09, 2014 - C*A*R*E* Chest Estate Beer7.4


    CARE Chest Estate Beer is a Dry Hop Pale Ale created fresh from the hops grown in the CARE Chest Hop Field. The CARE Chest Estate Beer was brewed within 24 hours of harvesting the hops.  7.4% ABV Learn more about C*A*R*E* Chest of Sierra Nevada here. Special tapping event tonight (Oct 9 2014); only one keg…Continue reading

    September 25, 2014 - Dragon Punch7.4

    An American style IPA beer, Dragon Punch packs a lemon citrus hop wallop with some great floral notes. It comes in at 7.4% ABC and is a great lower alcohol alternative to the Apparition Double IPA.

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