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Reddy to Rumble Red Ale

Reddy to Rumble Red Ale is an American style red ale ale. It’s relatively light in body and well balanced. Brewed with Cascade and experimental hops, it’s sure to win over all types of beer drinkers. Reddy to Rumble is unfiltered and a touch hoppier than our Tahoe Amber Ale, ABV in at 6%.

Harusaki Saison

harusaki-saisonHarusaki Saison is a light, but medium bodied, French-style saison; lightly hopped, this pale golden beverage has nice clove and spice notes from the French yeast strain. At 4.9% this beer is a favorite among the brewery staff.

“Harusaki” translates to early Spring, and this beverage is just perfect for that. Enjoy on our patio or beer garden!

Unchained Sour Ale

Unchained Sour Ale is the newest sour release here at BC! This light sour wheat ale is 3.2 % and extremely sessionable! Brightly tart with notes of stone fruit  and ginger.
Cheers to spring!

Nuclear Sunset

Nuclear Sunset is a 4.0% Barrel Aged Sour aged on raspberries. This sour is a blend of numerous barrels from our cellar, consisting of 33% American oak aged 1982 sour blonde, 33% French oak aged Bretteweizen and 33% unchained Berliner weisse. After the blend we aged this tasty sour on Oregon raised raspberries which lends a light fruit flavor and some acidity as well. This beer is extremely sessionable and a favorite among our staff.

Extremely limited so make sure to come down to the pub and try it before its gone.

Yeast-er Bunny

Yeast – er Bunny is a 6.2 % French style saison brewed with an American twist. We aggressively hopped this beer with a new experimental hop variety from the Yakima Chief / Hop Union breeding program, so new it doesn’t even have a name but is labeled as  07270. The hops bright citrus and subtle earthy tones pair nicely with the strong spice characteristic of one of our brewers favorite yeast strains.

Yeast-er Bunny pours a beautiful bright golden color and is highly carbonated. Sure to pair well with our Fish N’ Chips or seared ahi salad or taco

White Noise

White Noise – Inspired by local hip hop artist The Apprentice!
A  Belgian Style White IPA with floral and slightly citrus IPA with some fruity overtones from the yeast strain. We weren’t shy with the Falconers Flight and Citra hops. White Noise is 7% ABV.

Tahoe Winter Wheat Ale

Tahoe Winter Wheat Ale is our new winter seasonal, a Belgian style white ale brewed with cacao nibs and orange peel.
This light but velvety bodied beer was cold aged on cacao nibs from Ghana and orange peel from morocco. The spices pair nicely with the clove and banana flavors produced from the yeast strain, and has a pleasant earthy chocolate nose and taste.

ABV 6.4%.

Read more about Tahoe Beer and its origins




A traditional Wassail ale, brewed with clove, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, dates, apricots and orange peel. This beer resembles a mulled cider. Sure to get you in the holiday mood.

ABV 6.8%

Bretteweizen Sour Ale

Bretteweizen Sour Ale is 4.9% alcohol and was brewed with malted wheat and barley. The initial fermentation was done with a House S. Cerevisiae strain, and then it was moved to barrel aging and had Brettanomyces Lambicus; this is a wild yeast strain isolated from Belgian Lambic beers. It produces a pie cherry-like flavor and sourness along with distinct “Brett” character. It was aged on Cabernet barrels; very tart and dry. If you are a sour beer drinker you will love this beer!

Dirty Snout Stout

Dirty Snout Stout

Dirty Snout StoutWe are excited to announce that we have brewed our Final Chef Series beer for the year!

We had the privilege of brewing a White Truffle Imperial Stout with Mark Lund, Executive Chef at the Peppermill. Chef Mark pre-roasted some grain at the Peppermill and then spent the day with our very own Charlie Johnson and Eric Ramin brewing this Imperial Stout.

Dirty stout snout, pours a beautiful dark black with reddish hues when held up to the light. This beer is quite complex as you get a beautiful Truffle and roast nose which can be quite intoxicating. The beer is quite balanced on the palate with flavors of truffle and UMAMI, that blend nicely with a well rounded toasted malt characteristic followed by a lingering flavor of slight peppercorn.

It will be exclusively served at The Brewer’s Cabinet and the Peppermill Hotel & Casino. And d half of the batch will be aged in Pappy Rip Van Winkle barrels for a future release!

You can find this very Limited Beer on draft at Bimini Steakhouse, Biscotti’s and The Terrace Lounge.