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(cask)Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

Hey there BC friends, this is B master D coming to you live from a blog post…? Well never mind that. I’m here today to tell you about a really exciting event we recently had over here at the Brewers Cabinet. Many moons ago prior to the BC opening we participated in the Taste of Jazz event hosted by the awesome charity the C.A.R.E Chest of Sierra Nevada. We donated a “Brew Day Package” as one of the silent auction items. The winner of that package was a gentleman by the name of Greg Wilkin.

Once the brewery opened and things got settled we reached out to Greg and asked him what kind of beer he’s like to brew. Being a fan of gin, Greg came up with the idea of adding juniper berries to a beer. Now this was an awesome idea, we here at the BC love to add new and unusual ingredients into our beers and juniper berries in a pale ale sounded like a prefect combination.

So on November 16th Greg and a friend met us in the brewery and became the first people to do a collaboration beer with us. We brewed the base Pale Ale recipe first and decided as a group to “dry hop” with the juniper berries after some fermentation had occurred so to not overpower the Pale Ale.

So we let the yeast handle some business, let the juniper berries marinate in Greg’s tasty brew and then on Wednesday, December 12th Greg and Brew Master Justin tapped and released onto the craft beers fan of Reno, Greg Wilkin’s Juniper Pale Ale!

What Greg helped create is a 6.5% abv Pale Ale with a nice hint of juniper that builds on your palate as you continue through your pint. It’s a beer that we and Greg are both very proud of.

Fair warning, this beer won’t last long. So while you’re out picking up those last minute gifts for friends and family, swing by the BC and have a pint (or two) of Greg’s Juniper Pale Ale.

With that we here at the BC hope that all of you out there have a safe and happy holiday season!

-David Duffy Co-Brew Master

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner

Looking for something awesome and delicious and exclusive and exciting to do for New Year’s Eve? Well let us cordially invite you to the dinner of your dreams… This 4-course masterpiece set menu was designed for this one, special event… so get your reservations in asap because space is EXTREMELY limited.

New Years Eve Celebration Dinner



For the past few years I’ve been participating in a worldwide charity event called Movember. This charity raises money to help raise awareness and find a cure for prostate and testicular cancer. During the month of Movember we all grow mustaches and try to raise money for our team to donate. I became involved in this event shortly after finding out about my grandfather being diagnosed with cancer. I also made a commitment to grow it for a whole year instead of just a month. During this time I have developed quite some interesting handlebar, and found that it was a great conversation started and I could continue to raise awareness year round.

This year has been an especially rewarding year because my father decided to participate as well. He has been rocking a Mo since 1976, and this was the first time he shaved it since then. In honor of my father and grandfather, and all that are involved in the Movember event. I decided to make a beer, and have a portion of the proceeds go to the charity. After much deliberation on what type of beer to make, it finally dawned on me that there was no better source then to ask my dad what I should brew. His answer…. A nice smooth porter, possibly with some vanilla beans, with a good body.

It is my pleasure to present “Papa Sib’s Robust Porter”. This beer was hand crafted with some fine ingredients to make a smooth yet still complex beer, it has real whole vanilla beans as well. It features a fine aroma with hints of chocolate, vanilla, toffee, and a bit of bourbon. The beer has a nice balanced roasted malt profile that is developed from 6 different specialty malts and finishes with a nice subtle hint of vanilla on the back end. This is a perfect fall beer and goes for a great cause. I hope you get to enjoy this beer, as I have a suspension it won’t last long.

We will be tapping this beer on Wednesday, November 28th at 6PM.

Did someone ask for a Double IPA?!?

The big day finally came! On Tuesday we brewed our first batch of beer on our 3bbl system! It’s a Double IPA and it’s happily fermenting away as I type this.

This was a huge day for the entire BC team. It marks a milestone for us (Justin and I) as now officially being professional brewers but more importantly it’s a milestone for the BC team. So many people put in so much time and effort to get the BC where it is right now. The restaurant, pub and patio look amazing, the chef and his team are knocking out some truly fantastic food, the bartenders/servers/hostess are top notch and always give outstanding customer service and now we have our very own small batch Nano Brewery to top it all off!

On top of thanking the team at BC for helping with all that they do, I wanted to give a special thanks to Rob and Dave over at Premier for coming down and brewing our first batch with us. With their insight, our over the top Double IPA brew day went off without a hitch.

We have two more batches lined up to brew this week, which means in approximately 3-4 weeks we will have all of these beers ready to pour, plus a few special test batches to try as well.

So until next time BC friends and family, be safe and thank you again for welcoming our new establishment with open arms. We truly appreciate it….Cheers.

Drafts, Bottles and Breweries Oh My!

Hey there everyone. This is David, one half of the Brewer’s Cabinet Brew Crew. I wanted to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been able to make it to our new establishment over the last week.

 For those of you who were able to try our selection of soft opening beers I want to thank you for the constructive and positive feedback you gave us on our comment cards. It seemed like all of you enjoyed our beers and we are very happy to hear that! The one downside to all of you enjoying our beers is that all you guys drank it all…Haha!

 For those of you that have not had the opportunity to try our house beers yet don’t stress. Our fancy 3bbl brewery is days away from completion which means once those fermentors are filled and our friendly yeast strains give us some vigorous fermentation we will have more than enough Brewer’s Cabinet beers to go around.

 Until then don’t think that we are out of tasty beverages. Our guest drafts are pretty top notch. A few personal highlights are Firestone Walker Double Jack, Stone Smoked Porter w/ Chipotle Peppers and Gulpener Mestreechs Aajt Sour Ale.

 Of course our beer selection doesn’t stop with just drafts. We have a great bottle selection as well and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Again picking out a few personal favorites would be the Grass Roots Wachu Saison and Yeasty Boys Digital IPA.


So until next time I hope too see you all very soon!

Thank You Silver Peak, Great Basin and Brew Brothers!

The Brewer’s Cabinet would like to thank Great Basin Brewery for clearing the path in Nevada for Breweries, they got the whole thing started! We would also like to thank Silver Peak Brewery and Brew Brothers for helping pave that path for the next generation of Breweries to come.

Special thanks to Jazz and Ryan at Great Basin, Greg and Aaron at Brew Brothers, and Trent at Silver Peak for taking our phone calls, meeting with us, and taking the time to talk during our licensing and build out. Your advice was invaluable to us! Thank you for donating beer to our Opening Weekend and Charity events. It would have been very easy for these guys to blow us off and not help new competition in the area. But they didn’t, they have all been there for us from day 1.

We are humbled by these fellow Reno Businesses and we hope to live up to the standards they have set for this town.

Thanks again to Silver Peak, Great Basin, and Brew Brothers!

Opening Words from BC Chef Ben Deinken

I am Chef Ben Deinken. I have a passion for food that is fresh, rustic and comfortable, BUT with a twist. Here at The Brewers Cabinet we utilize local produce, meats and fish.

The menu will also include pork craklens with a warm beer cheese sauce, pulled pork sandwiches on a homemade pretzel bun and chicken and waffles……the BEST dish ever! We also will be the first to boil up some tasty crawfish from Lake Tahoe.

Come and support your locally owned business and enjoy seasonally fresh beers and food!

Brewers Cabinet - Square Logo

Before we begin..

Brewers Cabinet - Square LogoWell here we go, the first blog from the brewer’s at The Brewer’s Cabinet!

There are two of us brewing at the BC, I’m David Duffy and my brewing partner in crime is the infamous Justin Sibley. You might have heard of our home brewing team Tidepool Brewing Co. from the various charity events and contests we’ve been involved with over the last several years. Well apparently we’ve made an impression with the beers we have produced because a few of Reno’s finest business men have given us an amazing opportunity to become “big kid” brewers and soon we’ll be releasing our hand crafted creations onto the beer loving general public of the amazing city of Reno.

If you know either of us you know that we are both ridiculously passionate about beer and brewing and it’s this level of passion we are bringing with us in our newest adventure at The Brewer’s Cabinet. Now we aren’t known for producing fizzy yellow light lagers. We plan on bringing you beers that have flavor, aroma and soul and a crazy amount of all 3!

So this is basically an introduction of many more blogs to come. We plan on keeping our friends and fans updated on all the action and tomfoolery that will be happening in the brewery at BC. So please stay tuned, we cannot wait to get this party started and see all of your smiling faces at The Brewer’s Cabinet very soon!