The Brewer’s Cabinet

Our Brew Master have been fully empowered so that there are no limits on creativity or style.  We only ask that they do what they do best and brew with passion and love.

With a small kitchen onsite, we provide a fresh and local menu for our customers with an emphasis on quality ingredients that pair superbly with our brews.  We want to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for our customers, so that they can enjoy the environment no matter what time of the day, nor what the occasion is.

The Brewer’s Cabinet focusses on spreading awareness of the local brewing community.  We feature local commercial breweries and their great beers, which we leads to a series of collaborative projects in creating new beers.  We want a strong local home brewing community, that is part of the brewery, with the invitation to come in and help design beers with our Brew Master.  We truly want to be a “Brewer’s Cabinet” for the Reno area!

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu


Dinner Menu