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In this time of grow local and eat local, we present an even healthier concept: dream local.


In 2012, the owners of The Brewer’s Cabinet, Ole Bridge Pub, Sierra Tap House, and Legends Grill founded the Reno Rebuild Project. That was a time when the recession ran rampant, lending belts were tight and entrepreneurs were being stopped at the gate, unable to fund ventures that held promise for our community. Denial was part of their daily diet.

The Reno Rebuild Project kicked off with a commitment to donate .05 cents of all sales at each location in order to create a fund that, once yearly, selects one idea from a Reno-Sparks based individual with a brilliant idea and challenging finances. We aren’t interested in your credit score, we don’t care what industry you’re pursuing and we give no weight to your lack of experience. We focus on the dream and the person or team we select receives a small business loan that helps make reality of their dream, restores faith in local small business owners, and further enriches the growing health, pride and tapestry of our community.

For more information on the Reno Project, please email us at or check us out on Facebook.